To me, art is to create deeper conversations and to envision a world in which we deserve to live. I attempt to combine the modern principle of arts with rooted motives and elements of Iranian and Mesopotamian art, culture and history, and gradually alter them to create new compositions and dialogues. As a creative, I narrate life stories and political concerns in my ceramic sculptures and installations.

Aitak Sorahitalab is a contemporary visual artist and art educator with more than a decade of experience in both fields. As a creator, Aitak received public and private commissions for producing ceramic art (bas-relief) in Iran, and mural paintings in Toronto; exhibited her sculptural work and installations in group and solo shows; and worked with varied art organizations as a jury and committee member in both countries. As an educator, she worked with diverse communities, peer newcomers, special needs and marginalized groups of people. Passionate about social development, Sorahitalab was an art director of an NGO in Iran, and co-founded a non-profit organization, Airsa, to help and support new Canadians in the arts in Toronto.
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