the rhino I know series

Mixed clays

“the rhino I know” symbolizes the traveller who migrates from one place to another in order to search and find balance. What is common however, is a sense of isolation that is felt in our time during stay or travel. In this piece, the traveller exist with one foot in the circle of the past and one foot on the road toward the future. Some of them hold onto feelings of connection with the past by bringing their dreams, their belongings; and some try to move forward simply by following others. The calligraphies on the circle around the rhinos is this poem in Persian:
“We pass the period of remoteness, yet we survive. Our toughness is beyond our expectation. Who am I? Tired of being myself, a maniac person who fights [conventional] wisdom.” Shakibi Esfahani (16th century)

شبهای هجر را گذراندیم و زندهایم
ما را به سخت جانی خود این گمان نبود