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Nuit Blanche Toronto
October 5th, 7 pm

Aga Khan Museum, Bellerive Room

This interactive installation, made of more than 100 ceramic pieces combined by photo projection and narration, speaks about the “pull” and “push” factors that made the artist immigrating.



Group Exhibition

at Craft Ontario Gallery

Aug 8 to 25, 2019

Reception: Aug 8, 7 to 9 pm


the rhino I know

Have you ever seen a rhino? You might recall if you see her.

These rhinos are travellers, challengers, and storytellors. Rhinos are ancient, huge, tough-looking creatures with thick skin and a menacing horn and yet they are exceedingly gentle. Rhinos are vegetarians and friends with butterflies and little birds. They are harmless.

In this series, the rhino symbolizes the traveler who migrates from one place to another in order to search and find balance. Wherever one goes, the traveler brings with them a piece of their original self whether it be a poem, a suitcase, or a head full of ideas and dreams. Every person's journey is solitary. What is common however, is a sense of isolation that is felt in our time during stay or travel. Rhinos exist with one foot in the circle of the past and one foot on the road to the new world. Some of them though, try to hold onto feelings of connection with bringing their dreams, their belongings, or only following the other travelers.

The calligraphy is this poet in Persian:

"We pass the period of remoteness, yet we survive. Our toughness is beyond our expectation. Who am I? Tired of being myself, a maniac person who fights [conventional] wisdom." Shakibi Esfahani (16th century)

شبهای هجر را گذراندیم و زنده‌ایم 
ما را به سخت جانی خود این گمان نبود
من کیستم از خویش به تنگ آمده‌ای 
دیوانه با خرد به جنگ آمده‌ای

شکیبی اصفهانی، قرن 10 و 11