I am a Canadian-Iranian contemporary visual artist working predominantly with clay bodies to form small scale sculptures. Using the elements of Iranian and Mesopotamian epics, patterns, and motifs, I include modern principles of art to create new compositions and dialogues. I invite diverse languages to enter into this conversation to develop a mutual understanding through art.

My practice narrates political and social issues drawn from personal and collective stories. Existing in the conceptual world, and experimenting with materials and techniques are fundamental to my work and precede the form or style.

In my recent work, I adopted the story of my immigration, and the push and pull factors into a form of a ceramic-video installation at the Aga Khan Museum. Invited the visitors to create their own stories with some of the ceramic figures, I tried to build an interactive conversation through the work.

I use clay as a medium and a process. As a temporary and permanent tool. I use ceramic pieces as stand-alone sculptures, or in installations, videos, and photo creations. Received commissions from public and private businesses, I used to build ceramic mural projects for decoration and architectural purposes in Iran. However, narrative art is my preferable form in my current practice.

Along with creative work, teaching and developing community art projects are essential for me, and ties with social justice and advocacy in my practice. Helping and supporting peer new Canadian artists through the non-profit organization, Airsa, has become one of my missions in the past few years.